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The #1 Reason No-Hub Piping Systems Fail – Hydraulic Jump

Many piping failures can be explained by the occurrence of hydraulic jump. As water travels down a vertical pipe it reaches its terminal velocity. When this fast moving water must change direction to flow along a horizontal pipe at the systems’s base, problems can arise. Find out the risks of excluding fitting restraints and what […]

MacDonald-Miller Turns to HOLDRITE to Ensure Ideal Water Seal Protection

When you’re responsible for installing all of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing in a 40-story apartment building, ensuring that all pipes that penetrate floors are completely water tight is vitally important. But on a recent construction project in downtown Seattle, mechanical contractor MacDonald Miller ran into problems. As the tower was being built, […]

HOLDRITE CEO & President Featured in PM Magazine’s October PM Profile

As market conditions change, business leaders should look for strategic competitive advantages HOLDRITE sees accelerated growth of technology and alternative piping materials. Plumbing & Mechanical last month interviewed HOLDRITE President and CEO Tim McConnell. He has worked at HOLDRITE in various roles since joining the company 19 years ago. HOLDRITE designs, manufactures and sells rough-in […]

The Next Generation of DWV Testing Is NOW!

HOLDRITE® Introduces TESTRITE® the Forward Edge in the Evolution of DWV Testing  Today’s plumbing contractor expects, and demands, innovative solutions to challenges in the workplace. The TESTRITE® DWV Testing System is THE game changer. TESTRITE® is designed with versatility in mind and can be installed in no-hub cast iron, ABS and PVC pipe systems in […]