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HOLDRITE Products Solve Jobsite Challenges for Par Plumbing

For over eight decades clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City have relied on PAR Plumbing, a division of The PAR Group, for expert plumbing services – including the plumbing work for major construction projects. Fitting the Pipes in the Walls at a Luxury Condominium High-Rise When PAR was contracted to provide all […]

Available Now – Up to 50 Gal or 750lb Quick Stand Equipment Platforms

NEW MODELS FOR BOTH CEILING AND WALL MOUNTED EQUIPMENT SUPPORT  PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY! 800-321-0316 / salesorders@holdrite.com Ideal for supporting Water Heaters, Water Source Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Units, and Remote Chillers Includes a built-in drain pan with 1 1/4” drain fitting (available in PVC or Welded Steel) Ceiling Mount attaches to standard 3/8” or […]

The #1 Reason No-Hub Piping Systems Fail – Hydraulic Jump

Many piping failures can be explained by the occurrence of hydraulic jump. As water travels down a vertical pipe it reaches its terminal velocity. When this fast moving water must change direction to flow along a horizontal pipe at the systems’s base, problems can arise. Find out the risks of excluding fitting restraints and what […]

HOLDRITE CEO & President Featured in PM Magazine’s October PM Profile

As market conditions change, business leaders should look for strategic competitive advantages HOLDRITE sees accelerated growth of technology and alternative piping materials. Plumbing & Mechanical last month interviewed HOLDRITE President and CEO Tim McConnell. He has worked at HOLDRITE in various roles since joining the company 19 years ago. HOLDRITE designs, manufactures and sells rough-in […]