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How is TESTRITE the Game Changer in DWV Testing?


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TESTRITE Featured in Plumbing Engineer Magazine Case Study – February Issue

TESTRITE DWV Testing System product was featured in a Case Study in the Feb issue of Plumbing Engineer Magazine – check it out!


Dynamic Systems, Inc. Relies on HOLDRITE Products to Increase the Efficiency of their Hospital Projects.


For mechanical contractors that specialize in fabricating and installing sophisticated medical gas and process piping systems, hospital projects pose a number of unique challenges. Construction sites often have limited material storage space, timelines can be tight and complex plumbing and electrical systems can make it challenging to fit all needed components into a wall or ceiling space.

Dynamic Systems, Inc., an Austin-based mechanical contractor, finds that HOLDRITE’s engineered secondary pipe support and alignment bracket systems make a significant difference in their ability to efficiently meet these challenges. HOLDRITE products help them reduce costs and increase storage space – a win/win for Dynamic Systems and its clients.

Eliminating the Hassle of Making Trapezes

Before they discovered the HOLDRITE® EZ-Strut™ telescoping galvanized trapezes, Dynamic Systems made their trapezes out of strut. Strut typically comes in 20-foot lengths, and takes many hours to cut  down to the one- to four-foot lengths that are actually needed.

“When we’re working on a hospital project with multiple floors,” explains Dynamic Systems Project Superintendent Denny Gosser, “we really don’t want to bring in 20-foot lengths of anything. There’s just no room for it. With HOLDRITE EZ-Strut we get an easy telescoping trapeze that comes pre-manufactured in a box of 25 brackets. Two models provide telescoping options from 12 inches to 40 inches. It’s easy to store these types of products in a building that’s already having problems with over-storage of material during the construction process.”


HOLDRITE Products Solve Jobsite Challenges for Par Plumbing


For over eight decades clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City have relied on PAR Plumbing, a division of The PAR Group, for expert plumbing services – including the plumbing work for major construction projects.

Fitting the Pipes in the Walls at a Luxury Condominium High-Rise

When PAR was contracted to provide all of the plumbing for Riverside K, a 32-story luxury condominium ground-up construction project on Manhattan’s West Side, they knew that space inside the walls would be tight. Installing drain, waste and vent piping and the domestic water piping in the available space would be a challenge. To solve this problem, PAR Plumbing turned to HOLDRITE®, the industry leader in secondary pipe support and alignment bracket systems.

To incorporate the pipes into the walls in very confined spaces, PAR used a variety of HOLDRITE support systems.