HOLDRITE #117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints Named Supply House Times #1 Top Product of 2014

HOLDRITE is proud to announce that our #117 Series No-hub Fitting Restraints have been named Supply House Times #1 Top Product of 2014!

Top Product

HOLDRITE® #117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints prevent separation of no-hub pipe fittings at changes of direction or straight in-line joints. These engineered restraints protect against water blow-outs in rain leader systems. These restraints support joints from separation of both longitudinal movements and diagonal misalignment.

HOLDRITE #117 Series is the ONLY ENGINEERED no-hub fitting in the market to meet CISPI designation 301-12: “Horizontal pipe fittings 5” and larger shall be suitably restrained to prevent horizontal movement. This shall be done at every branch opening or change of direction by the use of braces, blocks, rodding or suitable method, to prevent movement or joint separation.”  Test data, torque data, and product specifications are available to ensure the safety and reliability of the restraint’s proven design.

The product installs in minutes without on-site cutting, bending, measuring, or modifications needed. With over 160 configurations and sizes up to 15”, HOLDRITE #117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints provide the ideal professional solution for no-hub DWV joints in excessive force situations.