Tub Boxes
    HFPTB-TW-0200 & HFPTB-NP-0200

    Rubber Donut

    Tub Box
    Extension Kit

    *T-Rating when penetrant is non-metallic

    • UL Listed firestop device for bathtub drains
    • 3 hour F-Rating
    • Built-in fire, smoke and gas protection
    • Provides a water tight slab penetration
    • Accepts 1-1/2” PVC, ABS, and brass drain pipes using appropriate seal plug (provided with HFPTB-TW-0200)
    • Allows for expansion, contraction and movement
    • UL W-Rated water seal
    • Built at 10 ¾” tall
    • Height can be modified in the field

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