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Mitigating Plumbing System Noise – Acoustic Isolation

We have all been there: Asleep in a hotel room after a long hard day, suddenly we are awakened by loud noises. The guest next door decided to get up at 5:00am and proceeded to flush a toilet and take a shower. The problem of course, is that the building was constructed in such a way that noise is allowed to travel from one room to another.

There are several common reasons for this type of situation and finally, a simple solution.

Some of these reasons include:  1) The owner/architect decided on an inexpensive design that met minimum building codes, but did not address noise mitigation. 2) The owner/architect decided on a design that addressed noise mitigation, but the construction team did not achieve the intent of the specification. 3) The owner/architect decided on a design that addressed noise mitigation with regard to major equipment isolation and a few other items, but did not address the plumbing system. What can be done to remedy situations like the ones described above? Isolating noise transfer from one dwelling unit to another can involve a fairly complicated series of tasks, but one of the easiest and least expensive elements to control is the transfer of plumbing noise.

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