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HydroFlame Firestop Videos

HoldRite’s HydroFlame firestop solutions keep water, smoke and flames from spreading—they’re also easier to install and more cost-effective than other methods. Discover more by watching the videos below.

Aerator Adaptor Box – HFPA3

Cast Iron Closet Flange Sleeve – HFP CF3NH

Non-Telescoping Sleeve on Wood Deck – HFP P3B

Plastic Closet Flange Sleeve – HFP CF3PL

Shower Drain Sleeve on Wood Deck – HFP SH2 DRN

Locator Whiskers

Telescoping Sleeve (Sleeve only) on Metal Deck – HFP H3

Telescoping Sleeve on Metal Deck – HFP M3

Telescoping Sleeve on Wood Deck – HFP P3

Tub Box HFPTB-TW-0200

Water Dam HFPWD3

Water Module HFPWM3