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PEX Pipe Support Videos

HoldRite is the expert in pioneering and producing innovative PEX support products, such as PEX plumbing and pipe support brackets and PEX tubing stub-outs. Watch our PEX videos below to learn more about our PEX support products.

How To Install HoldRite ProGuard Brackets

Installing PEX Brackets for Stub-Out Support

HoldRite SB3 with 255 and PEXRite 704

HoldRite ProGuard SB3 7311

HoldRite ProGuard SB3-7312 Sink

HoldRite ProGuard SB3-7322 CPVC

HoldRite ProGuard SB3-7322 Copper

HoldRite ProGuard SB3-7341

HOLDRITE ProGuard SB3-7342 Lavatory

HoldRite ProGuard SB3-7342 Sink