*T-Rating when penetrant is non-metallic

    • Ideal for flat concrete form decks – cast-in-place
    • Ideal for corrugated metal decks (corrugated deck plate required)
    • Available for ½” to 6” penetrants – piping, conduit, cables, etc.
    • For insulated and non-insulated pipes
    • Telescoping design adjusts from 8” to 12”, in ¼” increments
    • Cut to as short as 2-1/2”
    • Black base and black whiskers identifies metal piping system
    • Red base and red whiskers identifies plastic or metal piping system
    • Includes locator whiskers, to locate buried sleeves and to identify pipe type (metal or plastic)
    • Dimensions on sleeves allows for simple height adjustments
    • Safety caps meet OSHA hole cover requirements
    • UL Listed firestop devices (2 or 3 hour F-ratings)
    • Meets and/or exceeds building code requirements
    • Built in fire, smoke, gas and water protection
    • UL W-Rated seal, water-tight for most penetrants
    • Allows for contraction, expansion, movement and off-center pipes
    • Reduces piping system noise transfer by maintaining annular spacing
    • Interlocking base capability assists with layout alignment
    • Extensions available for slabs over 12”
    • A variety of accessories are available
    • UL 50 Pa Ratings

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